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Complete heating oil services

Buxton Oil's comprehensive energy management services provide customers with an array of delivery and payment options. At Buxton, we are dedicated to minimizing your heating concerns and maximizing your savings so you can enjoy the comforts of your home or office. Our heating oil services include:

Automatic Delivery   Volume Discount Program
Budget Program   Fuel Assistance Program
Protection Plan


photoAutomatic Delivery—
Worry-free oil delivery

You are busy enough without the added hassle of checking your oil tank. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Buxton Oil's Automatic Oil Delivery Program. Our computerized system allows us to automatically track your usage history and schedule your oil deliveries accordingly. There's never an extra charge for automatic delivery and it is delivered at the same low price as our payment-on-delivery price. Let Buxton Oil focus on keeping track of your oil delivery so you can pay attention to more important things.
Click here for payment mail address.

photoBudget Program—
Predictable heating bills

With the Buxton Oil Budget Program you won't get hit with big heating bill surprises around the holidays. When you sign up for our Budget Program, we examine your usage history, estimate your costs for the year, and then spread out your payments evenly over 10 months. We also review your usage half way through the year and make any needed adjustments. Our payment book, with an envelope for each month, makes our Budget Program especially easy. With the Buxton Oil Budget Program you also receive the same low price as payment-on-delivery, and you can enjoy the worry-free Back to the Topbenefits of automatic delivery at no extra charge. Click here for payment mail address.


Buxton Oil Budget Program Example

Yearly Usage

Estimated Cost


Payment Amount


Price Protection Plan—
Lock in your heating oil rate

Don't let the unpredictable nature of the oil market leave you guessing about oil prices. When you choose Buxton Oil's Price Protection Plan you can lock in a guaranteed rate on your pre-purchased gallons of oil. No matter how high the actual price may go during the winter, you will receive oil at your locked-in rate. Our price Protection Plan is a great way to insure against a jump in oil prices. Automatic Delivery is required with this program to assure you nonstop, uninterupted deliveries. Click here for payment mail address.

Use the handy calculator below to figure your total cost for heating oil purchased through our Price Protection Plan.

Gallons Purchased:
Locked-in Rate:
(price per gallon)

see below for results
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Volume Discount Program—
Enjoy lower prices

If you have a tank of 500 or more gallons, you can take advantage of our Volume Discount Plan. Whenever we fill your tank, we pass a volume discount on to you. This cost-effective plan allows you to stock up and save money when oil prices are low. Click here for payment mail address.

Back to the TopFor more information any of these programs, call our customer service department at 603-679-5600 or 1-888-4-BUXTON (1-888-428-9866).

photoFuel Assistance Program—
Get help with energy bills

Paying for heating oil can be a challenge for some consumers, but area fuel assistance programs can help these people cover the cost of heating oil. Buxton Oil is proud to be a participant in fuel assistance programs and offers these consumers additional value for their heating oil dollars. With the lowest prices in the area, we provide more oil for every dollar spent. It's just another great service offered by Buxton Oil. To find out if you qualify for fuel assistance, contact the fuel assistance program in your area:

Belknap/Merrimack County Fuel Assistance

Rockingham County Community Action 1-800-639-3896
•  Southern New Hampshire Services
Hillsborough County
•  Strafford County Community Action
•  Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program
Click here for payment mail address.
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